Seagrass is a plant fiber derived from tropical grasses of saltwater marshes. The fields that house the seagrass require a flooding of seawater during the crop cycle which creates the non-porous surface that makes the seagrass products naturally smooth and stain resistant. Seagrass has a natural organic green cast to it that tempers and becomes less green over time.


A plant fiber derived from the leaves of agave sisalana cactus plant. Sisal fibers are harvested by hand from the leaves of the cactus plant. Sisal is a strong and durable fiber and is one of the strongest amongst the natural fibers. Sisal originates in Central and South America with northeast Brazil being one of the largest producers.

Mountain Grass

Mountain grass is grown in the highland fields of China. It is similar in texture to seagrass (reed-like) but because of the dryer growing conditions has a deeper shade of brown. Our mountain grass is a flatter weave than the seagrass and has a beautiful waxy sheen.

About Us

Whitaker Rugs is located in the historical coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina. Natural fiber rugs characterize the casual elegance of not only coastal living but any locale. For eight years, Whitaker Rugs of Charleston has specialized in selling cut yardage and custom bound area rugs with a strong emphasis on natural materials (sea grass, sisal & mountain grass). Our rug prices are extremely reasonable because we directly source all of our raw materials and utilize only the most advanced, state-of-the-art production equipment. Our rugs are made of the highest quality materials that have gone through excessive quality control testing.

Care And Installation

Our rugs are relatively easy to maintain. Sisal, mountain grass and seagrass are hard natural fibers that perform well in most environments with only regular vacuuming. The static-free nature of the fibers will not attract or cause dust to cling. Dirt and grit tend to filter through the weave rather than stay on top of the surface, thus reducing abrasion to these floorcoverings. In addition, bacteria will not easily penetrate the hard fibers of these natural products. Cleaning tips are provided in the Adobe Acrobat document below