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Lawyer Rugs

Successful business owners are always careful about their advertising and branding activities. If you are running a law firm; those tricks and techniques may be useful for you as well. The fact is that there are millions of law firms around; they all are in competition with you. If you wish to capture the attention […]

How to find a rug that complements your ambience

When you have the right furniture and appliances for your place contributes to the personality of your house, it is unnecessary to say that your floor needs some attention too. So, how do we look for a rug that fits according to the ambience of your room? Well, it is pretty simple to make a decision if you know what you need to look out for while choosing a rug which suits your lifestyle.  You can make the choices based on a few factors which will help you select the suitable of rugs from the market.

  • Type of room

The type of rug depends mostly on the ambience of the place. The bedroom or your study room might just need a decorative rug. Your living room or bedroom will require long stretched rugs which can spread throughout. The quality of the rug will depend on the nature of the room, whether it is just to cover the floor or make it look more attractive.

  • Shape of the rug

The shape can vary on the basis of the kind of furniture or the room that you own.  Having a circular rug will provide a better highlight to the dining and living room. Choose between the shapes of rugs easily as the odd ones always look more than just ordinary.

  • Dimensions of the rug

The Size of the rug can vary depending upon the size of the room. You can have two rugs on different ends of the room to get a better decoration. Size can vary with the coverage area in the room so it is always a good idea to keep the dimensions calculated before going for a buy.

modern oriental rugs

  • Pattern and design of the rug

The pattern of a rug is the most important part of the decision. Give your room a personality with choosing the right rug. Choose the colors accordingly with the color schemes used in the decoration of the entire room. A darker shade of blue and grey will provide a much serious theme to your study table. Similarly, a bright blue rug for your living room will add more richness to it.

Plain Rugs

  • Fibre used

Cotton, wool, jute, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose, and sisal are the fibre options in choosing a rug. Your choices will depend on the temperature and the purpose. A cold environment will require woolen rugs whereas cotton and jute are for daily purpose flooring.

While choosing a rug for your floor, it is always a smart idea to select a second rug which compliments the first one.  Pick the colors according to the walls and ceiling. You can have the designer rugs especially to brighten up the vibe of the place, or you can always go for the basic color which will bring simplicity to your environment.