It takes time, experience, and the right education to learn how to shop for antiques. This means that looking for the right poison ring, lamp, antique rugs, and other items means learning the ropes of antiquing. Keep in mind that even experts in the field are continually learning about how to spot the value of antiques, so you should stay up to date as well.

What follows are a few tips, a few short cuts that can help you when starting out. While the following tips are no substitute for the time it takes to fully learn about shopping for antiques. You can avoid common issues in spotting antiques as opposed to newer items that may not have the same value.

Just because something looks old, dusty, or worn does not mean that it is an antique. There are common signs for many items that helps you date them properly. What follows are signs you should look for in furniture.

– Dovetails: Furniture that has dovetail joints was probably not mass produced
– New, Shiny Nails: The nails are a giveaway if the item is fairly recent
– Weathered: Original pieces tend to be dull

You should look for signs of wear around the pulls of the drawers. Even if the piece has been cleaned, there should be some dirt or debris along with signs that the pulls are either original or put on later. A big giveaway is whether the piece has been newly refinished. Proper antiques should be kept in their original condition.poison ring

Antique Rugs
Another common purchase is old rugs as many will carry considerable value. Here are a few tips that will help you determine if the rug is old or fairly new.

Fraying: If you see excessive fraying, it is best to stay away. That means the rug is coming undone and there is little you can do about it.

Knots: The more knots in the rug, the more likely it was made from an earlier time. Count the knots per square inch which you can see on the back of the rug. Also, the tighter the knot, the higher the quality of the rug.

Remember that most antique rugs will show signs of wear, discoloration, and uneven piling. So, do not be afraid of such rugs if they are still in good shape.

The main thing to look for is distinguishing between original and prints. You should look very close at the artwork and bring a magnifying glass. If you see a small series of dots, then it is a print reproduction. While reproductions can still be valuable, they are not the same as originals, so be wary.poison ring

Another factor is craquelure. This is the fine cracks that show up on the surface of paintings. They only appear over time, so this is a good indication that the painting itself may be old.

The same techniques that you can use to find the best antique rugs, furniture, and artwork can be used for other popular items such as a poison ring, silver, and other products from the past. When in doubt, trust your gut feeling and get a second opinion from an expert if you can.

When you have the right furniture and appliances for your place contributes to the personality of your house, it is unnecessary to say that your floor needs some attention too. So, how do we look for a rug that fits according to the ambience of your room? Well, it is pretty simple to make a decision if you know what you need to look out for while choosing a rug which suits your lifestyle.  You can make the choices based on a few factors which will help you select the suitable of rugs from the market.

  • Type of room

The type of rug depends mostly on the ambience of the place. The bedroom or your study room might just need a decorative rug. Your living room or bedroom will require long stretched rugs which can spread throughout. The quality of the rug will depend on the nature of the room, whether it is just to cover the floor or make it look more attractive.

  • Shape of the rug

The shape can vary on the basis of the kind of furniture or the room that you own.  Having a circular rug will provide a better highlight to the dining and living room. Choose between the shapes of rugs easily as the odd ones always look more than just ordinary.

  • Dimensions of the rug

The Size of the rug can vary depending upon the size of the room. You can have two rugs on different ends of the room to get a better decoration. Size can vary with the coverage area in the room so it is always a good idea to keep the dimensions calculated before going for a buy.

modern oriental rugs

  • Pattern and design of the rug

The pattern of a rug is the most important part of the decision. Give your room a personality with choosing the right rug. Choose the colors accordingly with the color schemes used in the decoration of the entire room. A darker shade of blue and grey will provide a much serious theme to your study table. Similarly, a bright blue rug for your living room will add more richness to it.

Plain Rugs

  • Fibre used

Cotton, wool, jute, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose, and sisal are the fibre options in choosing a rug. Your choices will depend on the temperature and the purpose. A cold environment will require woolen rugs whereas cotton and jute are for daily purpose flooring.

While choosing a rug for your floor, it is always a smart idea to select a second rug which compliments the first one.  Pick the colors according to the walls and ceiling. You can have the designer rugs especially to brighten up the vibe of the place, or you can always go for the basic color which will bring simplicity to your environment.